Who is Kareema and is she qualified?

Who is Kareema and is she qualified?

Kareema is an unusual mix of Healer and Scientist. A mix that has taken her a long while to come to terms with. Yes, they seem to conflict and often did. Growing up she was often abused by family and members of the Catholic church for her ability to communicate psychically with animals and people. That is weird when you consider her maternal grandmother who was considered "psychic" and her maternal family who had Hungarian ancestry and the paternal family with Irish and Scottish roots.

Starting her academic career as a Scientific Officer with a degree in Anatomical Pathology, working in 3 of Sydney's leading pathology labs and then for 2 of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies resulted in a strong allied health grounding in health and well being. Studying diseases, how they are detected and what is used to treat them. 

Underlying all of this is her, now well tuned psychic abilities with a life time of study as an animal communicator and Reiki practitioner. At 34, 20 plus years ago she became disabled in a serious motor vehicle accident. As a result of doctors saying " we have nothing to treat you with" she further investigated many healing modalities to help her deal with physical and emotional pain.  

Animals have been her constant loving companions over her 6 decades of life on earth and for that she is incredibly grateful for all their teaching and unconditional love. She lives for them and them alone.


BachAppSc(Biomed); AssDip(IT); Certified CAH(WWPSA); MedRep(APMA); Cert IV Companion Animal Service ; Presenter & Producer – All Things Animal Program 2NVR -105.9FM;  Ex-Registered Breeder (DogsNSW), Currently registered with PIAA; Reiki Master (Animals and Humans); Animal Communicator.


Large and small animal owner (52 years), Animal Breeder (41 years), Animal Trainer (52 years), Owner of a pet shop, grooming service & training service. Boarding kennel operator, Dog agility and confirmation showing, owner and participant in hundreds of online and off- line animal communities, Animal blogger for over 20 years, YouTube creator of animal topics (over 20 years) and much more.