Pet Health

Animal Communication Course - Online

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Ever wondered what your animal was thinking or how they are feeling?

Worried you are giving them the best life possible?

Want to prolong their life as long as you can?

Kareema would love to help you and all the animals you live and connect with.

Are you wondering how it works?

Maybe you already have some psychic skills or you are a pet owner who is looking for a deeper connection with your pets.

It is easy to learn and Kareema would love to show you how.

Buy this product and you will receive an email within 1 business day that provides the information. In addition to the practice information and handout you will receive a 1 hour consultation with Kareema to discuss your results. and answer any questions.


(Kareema said: “I got check his teeth”) Owner replied: I just randomly checked Milo’s teeth (haven’t been to the vet yet) and one of the front ones is missing. you were spot on. I had a look at his teeth and they don’t look right, they don’t smell bad but when I tried to touch them he squeaked at me so we are off to the vet. Many thanks I otherwise would not have seen. His teeth look really grey and thin at his gum line and he has had 3 more teeth removed.  Dog called Mr Milo.

(Max was unable to walk and Lisa was facing very high vet bills to work out the issues. After a reading and taking up a recommendation to bring in a local Reiki healer this is the result). He is much happier. Thank you for your ideas. I wouldn’t have went down that pathway. So glad I did. You are great at what you do. Thank you soo much.  Dog Called Max.

Kareema, I just read what you said and got overwhelmed with emotion! That’s my boy! He was an indoor cat and I was too afraid to let him out and was always itching to get outside and play! He wouldn’t hurt a fly, so chasing mice sounds like something he would do for fun! Thank you so much Kareema. Your words are beautiful and so true. Love and light to you xo  Cat called Dust.


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