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Pee Pads - Posh (Rufus and Coco)

$11.20 $8.95

One of the joys and delights of puppies is cleaning up after them and teaching them appropriate toileting habits.  Anything that can be helpful in that process is well worth the cost.  Rufus and Coco Posh Pee Pads are the perfect solution for toilet training your puppy or for older incontinent dog. 

Your floors are protected by the leakproof base with 5 layers of protection.

Excellent odour control from the activated charcoal-infused layers. 

Infused with synthetic pheromones to help your pet understand this is the place to toilet

  • Convenient grey-coloured toileting pads, hiding urine well
  • Charcoal - infused layers that absorb odours
  • Super absorbent core that turns liquids into gel
  • Holds up to 2 cups of urine
  • Convenient sticky pads to hold them in place on the floor
  • Pack of 7. Size 60 x 60 cm

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