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The three essential grooming items that every oodle owner needs.

1. The Gripsoft soft slicker.

Slicker brushes are used to remove dead and shedding hair from your dog or cat. Helps untangle mats and snarls. Great for use on long coated breeds where it can reach to the bottom of the coat while gently detangling small mats and knots.

Comes in two sizes based on your hand size rather than the dog size:

  • Small 
  • Medium

2. The mainstay of all dog grooming. The versatile double comb with medium and course tines. No person grooming is ever without two or three of these (because you can never find them when you need them)

3. Nail clippers -Half the battle with trimming nails is won if you have the right equipment. Always buy good quality nail clippers that are larger than you think you might need. Too small and all you do is risk hurting the dog. These professional grade clippers will last you forever and provide great nail trimming results every time.   Choose larger size if you have a standard poodle, large labradoodle or groodle.

Save 15% by buying this combo pack 

Helpful hints on how to groom your oodle can be found on the grooming playlist on the YouTube channel:

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